Based in Washington County, PA, K B Golf is a comprehensive golf school. The school's professional instructor works with all abilities and focuses on all facets of the game.

Achieving the student’s level of expectations is the goal of K B Golf, as we take your passion for the game and help you realize the performance you desire.

Golf Lesson Packages:
K B Golf Gift Certificate - To purchase a gift certificate, click the Buy Now button, enter the desired gift certificate value, and click "update". For other payment options, contact Karen via phone or email.

Private Lesson - Got a slice that needs to be straightened out? Want to shave some strokes off of your short game? These lessons are catered to correcting your weak spots. - One on one w/ instructor, 40 minutes - $60.00. Package of 3 private lessons - $150.00

Group Lesson - Bring a friend or family member to the range to log some professionally coached swings into your muscle memory banks. - 2-4 students, one hour w/ instructor - $75.00. Package of 3 group lessons - $180.00

Golf Clinic - Does your company outing need a first "tee" tip? Does your golf league need putting improvement? - Our clinic includes instruction, covering any area of the game for 5 to 10 people, 1.5 hours - $125.00

Other Services - Playing lessons, club fitting, club repair, and swing assessment.
Q: How many lessons will I need to improve my game?
It depends on how experienced you are and how much you're willing to commit to your game.

Q: What is K B Golf's teaching style?
While primarily "Hogan," we apply the immutable "laws of ball flight," to meet each individual's specific needs.

Q: When can I schedule a lesson?
Lessons are held Tuesday through Saturday. Lesson times begin at 2PM and continue throughout the day until 9PM.

Q: How will I know when I've had enough lessons?
While lessons can go on for a lifetime, most evaluate their performance with their instructor and decide from there.
Purchase a lesson package as a gift or for yourself and receive a free half hour playing session on the golf course with the pro!
"With your attentive guidance, my golf game is at least 15 strokes lighter per round. Standing closer and watching my swing on video did wonders! Thanks, K B Golf!"
-Dale W.

"Two sessions and my slice is gone! I can't wait to tackle my short game next!"
-Paul M.

"I'm more confident and educated about my swing after a single private lesson with Karen than I was after any of the other lessons I've had with other instructors. She had answers and areas for me to work on for all my misses. Check her out."
-Carol R.
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